Custom Built Wing Standards

   Design and Build

Jumps are an extremely important part of training and showing champion horses and riders. These sturdy standards are made of heavy timber that stands up to jumper mistakes.

Bad Ass Jump Company was started as a hobby by Todd Roberts to meet the needs of Vintage Creek Farm to host an Alabama Hunter Jumper Association horse show.  It didn't seem appropriate to fill an arena at a "Vintage" farm with traditional white picket fence wing standards, so the idea of building authentic, original jumps from all natural, recycled materials was the only option. The mission was to design and build wing standards that not only meet the requirements and specifications of the AHJA, but to create the most unique wing standard jumps anyone had ever used in competition.  This mission was achieved, and the jumps proved to be truly authentic.  From the most basic to the highest detailed jumps, all are truly unique.
The price for a "Champion" pony is only the beginning of your expenses when you decide to embark in the world of equestrian.  The boarding, lessons, and those unknown expenses that seem to creep up every now and then add up quickly.  The last thing you want to do is have your horse or rider become lazy by training on plastic or PVC jumps. These jump standards provide solid jump training for the show ring or hunt field.


  Bad Ass Jump Company